Wherever we are on life's path, we continue to strive for deeper meaning, for a richer experience, for more aliveness. We might be thriving or we might be struggling. We might be satisfied with some aspects of our life yet know that more is possible. Spirit of Life Institute draws upon that knowing. Each program is designed to enhance our natural ability to be fully expressive human beings - to be happy, vital and loving.

The Institute's programs are psychological and spiritual in nature. They are led by a team of highly trained facilitators . The foundation of all the Institute's offerings is an environment of safety and inclusiveness. We honor each person's heritage, beliefs, religious practices, background and culture.

"This work is illuminating, enlivening and profound. It has given me a renewed and renewable sense of purpose, as well as a whole new way of relating to the people in my life." - Eric P.

Discovering Relationship

...celebration of our inter-connectedness

A Saturday and Sunday


Living The Principles

...integrating new practices

A two-hour meeting, once a month for twelve months


Journey to the Center

...embracing life's mystery

A Saturday and Sunday sleep-over


Return to the Center

...discovering our unique contribution

A Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday - at a retreat center


Individual Counseling

...deepening self-knowing


Contact Us: [email protected]

Casa de Vida Retreat Center

...Las Cruces, New Mexico

New Programs

The Institute is continually developing new offerings as needs emerge.


Finally, Spirit of Life Institute offers training programs for individuals who wish to engage more deeply and intensively in this work, striving to embody these principles in their daily life and enrich the lives of others.

"These programs helped us build a stronger relationship. We now have more time apart - and together, and through more effective communication and a deeper commitment, we're closer than ever." - Andrea & Stephen Dover