Return To The Center


Return to the Center , a weekend retreat, provides a chance to discover and honor the contribution that each of us, in particular, offers to our community and to the world. We meet from a Friday to a Sunday afternoon at a secluded, wilderness retreat center in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

A series of experiential processes and expressive exercises enables people to reveal their own sacredness and "unique medicine" to one another and themselves. At the heart of this exploration is a profound inquiry into how to live authentically-how to remain true to one's inner knowing while being fully active in the world.

Through nature walks, guided visualizations, meditations, activities that evoke humor and provide fun, as well as ample time for reflection and rest, one comes away restored to one's Self, knowing more deeply than ever "who I am", "why I'm here", and how to express that essence in word and deed. To register for Return to the Center click on Register on the menu to the left.

"I came away from the weekend full of awe at my own special attributes. For someone who regularly doubts and questions her ability to contribute, this made a huge difference in how I began to lead my life. A year later, the impact of RTC is still felt, by me and all around me, who now know what I have to offer, as I give it freely and abundantly. We all had such fun learning who we are! The group exercises were insightful and frequently amusing, and the individual and paired exercises gave us the opportunity to share ourselves deeply." - Tana G.

"During 'Return to the Center', I gained compassion for myself and others. I have a more creative and fluid range of possible responses to the moments of my life. And a new sense of what I have to give." - Naomi C.