Living The Principles


The Discovering Relationship workshop is often a profound experience for people. Still, applying what you've learned to your everyday life can be a challenge.

Living the Principles is designed to help you use the insights and new ways of being you discovered in the workshop - as well as to develop new skills. It is a way to deepen and then actually apply the principles of the workshop in your everyday life.

We accomplish this by exploring a series of topics and carrying out concrete activities. Through this process, people seize opportunities every day to live consciously.

Living the Principles also explores what community means. As Malidoma Some has written, "It is within community that we discover ourselves." In this spirit, Living the Principles is conducted as a group process in which people support one another to turn theory into practice and realize tangible goals. Groups generally consist of six to eight people.

Living the Principles is open to anyone who has completed Discovering Relationship. We meet eight times, once a month, for three hours. In addition, members meet with a partner for an hour between the monthly meetings.

To register for this program, click on the Register link on the menu to the left. For more information please email [email protected] or call Spirit of Life Institute at (415) 297-5353 .

"By implementing practical suggestions from these programs, I have consistently improved the quality of my day-to-day existence and gained a sense of mastery in my life. With much of the background noise gone, my resources are available to focus on inner work." - Bill N.

"I like the program because it keeps me in touch with what I have been working on in Spirit of Life Institute. Even if I get really busy and lose track of some of my goals, the meetings re-orient me." - Chris K.

"I've found joy in sharing with people again! Just being with other like-minded men and women, exploring ways to relate with each other. It is within community that we discover ourselves." - Allen W.

"In this program, I have taken a deeper look at the many principles I was exposed to during Discovering Relationship and really applied them to my personal circumstances. I gained great insight to how our life's "projects" can evolve." - Bert F.