Journey to the Center


Journey to the Center , a weekend retreat, fosters deep personal reflection and a joyous exploration of one's spirituality. Through meditative and creative processes, people explore, embrace and celebrate life in all its mystery. In an atmosphere of quiet reflection, we are guided through a series of explorations about our lives and about the source of life itself. Blending in the sacred and the secular, we probe together and alone the mystery of life - and life's mysteries. We explore and celebrate our roots; who we are now and where we are headed.

We have the opportunity to reconnect with the multitude of people who have contributed to our being who we are. We celebrate together our lineage as a human family and as individuals. This overnight retreat is an extension and deepening of the foundational teachings of Discovering Relationship . We invite your participation in this weekend retreat. To register for Journey to the Center, Click the "Register" link on the menu to the left.

Participants describe the experience...

"Journey to the Center awakened parts of me that I haven't known how to reach - knowing there was something there, hidden, not knowing how to access it." - Kay S.

"It is almost impossible to capture in words alone, the experience of mystery, excitement, creativity, spiritual advancement, transformation and fun which this workshop provided for me." - Scott H.

"I felt safe at the retreat. I cried more than I have ever at any time in my adult life, and I have been crying ever since - both tears of joy and tears of sorrow. I had been afraid to cry for so long that once I let my feelings flow, so many wonderful things came out. I found a holy, safe place at the retreat." - Stephen D.

"The walls around my heart soften, then melt away; my chest fills with an ache full of joy and pain. Somehow I know this is a precious pilgrimage, a sacred celebration." - Peter G.

"Journey to the Center allowed me to contact what I call my 'lnner Sage'. We've never known each other for such an uninterrupted time. I knew she existed, but now I know the way to her in the midst of even the most distracting circumstances. She is alive in every moment at last." - Kit H.

"During this profound experience, a vast and awesome inner world opened to me. My life now has entirely new dimensions - with elements of deep mystery I never knew before." - Steve B.