Journey to the Center


Welcome to Journey to the Center !

Thank you for participating in Journey to the Center . We'll be experiencing a very special weekend retreat together, especially designed for people who have completed Discovering Relationship .

We will begin at 8:45 am on Saturday, continue through an overnight stay, and complete at about 7:00 pm on Sunday. Since this is a contemplative experience, please plan not to make or receive phone calls; people can make "emergency" contact with us through voicemail at (415) 297-5353 .

There are a number of articles to bring with you to the retreat:

Please plan to share something of yourself with the group through some form of self-expression. The idea is to reveal who you are; no special talent is needed. The idea is not to 'perform'; it's to share your Self . Your sharing will last about ten minutes; feel free to bring anything that might be helpful for this process (music, something special to wear...). Examples include, but are not limited to: dance, artwork, story-telling, poetry, singing, playing an instrument, mime.

It's recommended that you dress in layers. Also feel free to bring sitting cushions or other articles that will make you more comfortable during our time together.

I'm looking forward to your participation and to sharing this experience with you!

Sincerely, Steve Blumenthal